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Top 5 Easy Backlinks Strategies to Get You Ranking High in SERPs

Backlinks have always been a part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It plays a crucial role in generating the target audience as well as improving the rank of a website on Google using its algorithms. It is a key ingredient in any SEO strategy which will help in getting recognition for the websites. Better quality of backlinks will help in better rankings on the search engines. Here are the best backlink strategies to improve ranking among the competing websites.


Testimonials is a great way of letting people know about the business of the website and how well their customers are being treated. You can write testimonials for the services and products you like which the websites post on their webpages with a backlink to your website. It is a great way of marketing exchange. Learn more by watching these youtube videos.

Blogger reviews

If you sell a product or software, you can use the help of bloggers and vloggers to review your item. Look out for popular bloggers and send them your product for getting reviewed. You can shortlist the bloggers based on their reach and knowledge in the field of your product. You can send them your product for free and ask them to review your product for their viewers. Make sure that they mention your website on their blog.


You can create your own scholarships and promote it among the universities so that they create a backlink to your website when they introduce your scholarship. If you offer something which the universities really want, it will ease the process even more. You just have to create a scholarship page for the university describing the criteria and a little bit about your company. Once a university accepts your proposal for a scholarship, you are good to go to receive a quality backlink.

Website feedback sites

You can choose from plenty of feedback sites to assist your company to get verified feedbacks. You can take the feedback from your users in the potential and the necessary changes for your site. Feedbacks will help in creating a connection between your active users as well as informing the new users about your website. Post your website link on a feedback site and provide a brief description of your website and services.

Blog aggregators

Vlog aggregators are the websites which research and post quality blogs related to different topics and industries. You can submit your website to such aggregators and wait for them to verify your website is legit. Once they verify and approve your website, you will receive a fresh page on their website to host your content as well as backlinks to your website. Make sure to never compromise on the quality of your content and the aggregators will record your performance on their site and will only host if you can provide the content up to their blog’s quality.

Backlinks and Its Importance

Backlinks are the links hosted by multiple websites which directs the users to the website that is being marketed. It is an important part of SEO and works as building blocks for better optimization. Also known as Inbound links, the backlinks raises the value of the marketed website. The search engine will give importance to the websites based on the number of backlinks it has. It will help in improving the rank of the websites on the search engines compared to the websites which do not have any backlinks.

While creating the backlinks, one should be careful about the quality of the links as the search engines like Google will calculate the relevancy of the site to a keyword. More links do not necessarily help in improving the rank of a website. The websites which host the links to the main site should contain the content related to your site, which increases the relevance of the links and improves their quality. For example, if a website about car parts receive the backlinks from websites which are about cars, it will receive more recognition than the backlinks which are from a health website.

Backlinks are also used for attracting more users to the main website with the help of the keywords that are being searched by them. It is called, spreading the word, as the users will not be able to locate a fresh website without enough advertisement. Backlinks help in advertising about the website and let the users know about the benefits of the new website.

As the search engines are getting improved every year, the effect of backlinks has reached its threshold but is it still a very important marketing strategy. Avoid purchasing backlinks from spam or paid sites as the search engines can filter the spams and the backlinks can receive a total shutdown on being detected as spams. If done properly, here is how the backlinks can be beneficial for a website.

Backlinks help the search engines to locate fresh websites

Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing take the help of backlinks to find new websites. They work like connecting paths to a new location which can go unnoticed if no path is connected to it. The more paths a location has, the more ways the search engine will have to reach the location. It helps in higher rankings in a shorter period, which is why every SEO demands backlinks.

Google recognizes popular content faster

The search engines are designed to identify the content which is getting popular. With the help of quality backlinks, any website can get recognized by the engine and get ranked higher for users.

Improves credibility

A marketed website becomes more credible for a search engine if it is backed by quality inbound links. In the same way, if the website is backed by spam sites, it loses its credibility.

Improves target traffic

Backlinks do not only work for the search engies, but also for attracting users to the site. With the quality content for the readers, it can improve the online traffic on the main website. With increased traffic, the search engines will also boost the rank of the website due to increased popularity.